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About Banglasavvy – The Virtual Bangla Font Installer

Here’s the post I had about Banglasavvy: The virtual Bangla font installer.

Anti-virus software used to give a security warning, because it was also a Bangla Input Manager (the tiniest Bangla writing software it was, including registering a Bangla font system wide). I thought of announcing that, but since I decided to take a break from the community, I had skipped all of it.

Instead of correcting the anti-virus alert, I took down the app years ago. 😉

Originally I wrote the app because I wasn’t able to browse Bangla sites (and forums that I was contributing back in those days) from Cybercafe (in-case of no-internet at home) and many people had difficulty installing fonts at their office computer (and at cybercafes).

Initially it only had the font, later I added the input-manager to be able to submit Bangla posts from any computers. 🙂


Laravel Release Valet- Minimalist Development Environments

“Valet is a Laravel development environment for Mac minimalists. No Vagrant, No Apache, No Nginx, No /etc/hosts file. You can even share your sites publicly using local tunnels. Yeah, we like it too.

Laravel Valet configures your Mac to always run PHP’s built-in web server in the background when your machine starts. Then, using DnsMasq, Valet proxies all requests on the *.dev domain to point to sites installed on your local machine.”

For Laravel:

For WordPress:

^^^ Reminds me the days of making “Portable Bangla Font aka. Banglasavvy (the virtual font installer)” and “Portable App” back in the ~2006. A little trick to get advantage of systems by using underneath APIs provided by the OS.

For valet, it’s the web server included w/ PHP and listening to DnsMasq. For me, installing the font virtually was just using one Windows 32-API.

Interestingly, when I talked about it few people laughs on it- then when I made that possible those people duplicated the method to port more stuffs- and there were a huge impact of using the Bangla apps around the community. Did I receive any “thanks” for that?

Who cares, no, really. It doesn’t matter- 😉


Sachalayatan And The “Ban”

Recent rumor is Sachalayatan, a Bangla group blog banned by Bangladdesh government. It’s true no one from Bangladesh could access

I tried ping, and it’s worked fine.

No doubt only some port, probably only ’80’ port blocked (DNS works fine). You can access (those from Bangladesh) all other ports, and won’t get any more “The connection has timed out”.

Try yourself:

Solution from sachalayatan is very much simple, change your apache port from 80 to something else.

Question is, who blocked this ‘port’ therefore ? May by BTTB (BTCL), newspapers said BTTB refuse to comment anything about sachalayatan.

Big question, is it done by sachalayatan itself? They off course could done this to get media publicity by filtering only IP’s from Bangladesh. This “Sachalayatan blocked” news could publicize them well as recent ‘freedom fighter’ issues involved. However, nothing confirmed, and there is no reason to claim something without knowing exactly what happened or happening.

Whoever blocked, no one from Bangladesh could access sachalayatan directly, people browsing them by using online proxies and/or other way out there.

Sachalayatan not blocking themself, confirmed. It’s good to know that they are not the culprit but it’s indicating something unfortunate issues!

BTTCL down at this moment since 2 AM BDT either because of submarine cable disconnected or for some unknown ‘upgrade’!!

ADDITION [18 July, 2008 11:30 PM]:

A little test to understand the problem not at Sachalayatan end:

Try to visit:
2. (accept the SSL warning)

(1) and (2) serving from same server and locate same page. If you can’t access (1) but can access (2) what that means? No IP filtered and no technical fault from sachalayatan server, the problem reside at the middle of your connection (BTCL).

Gmail-lite : Must have script for rest of us

gmail-lite is an HTML-only interface of Gmail. It makes use of libgmailer and removes all those Ajax fancy stuffs to provide a clean, neat interface to users. It originally targets browsers on PDA (such as Netfront), but its simplicity should allow it to work on any browser on Earth, from lynx to IE3 to firefox.

Last two days I’m using GP internet (Grameen Phone) and I’m anxious that I’m not able to login Gmail nor any services! If I have authority sure I’ll punish ’em well!

In the meatime gmail-lite is the only option to keep in touch as I’m hardly using Gmail for my all emails. I install it to and it’s working fine!

If you ever can’t login to Gmail either for your low bandwidth speed or any reason such as GP (god bless them), you should have your own copy of gmail-lite or you may use this one.

The-Savvy Has Got A New Look has got the new look! I’ve just made the Savvy WordPress Template and didn’t able to control myself to launch, I’m not yet implemented all my ideas though! There will be more visual changes, included some AJAX effects and few more functionality when I’ll finish the template.

Recently I had used to spent times with and liked there h3 template they are using ATM, It’s really a great wordpress template! I liked specially there concept to not use any blog summary other than post details page, they create topic list in archives…there are lots other sites do the same.

Savvy WordPress Template goes live for Banglasavvy

I took few concept from, this new look of this site inspired by

Although It’s not my first wordpress template but this is first time I’m using my own wordpress template for my own wordpress blog site. If you guys have any suggestion, saw any bugs please comments here and let me know.


ভাটিয়ালি গান – ১


ভরা গাঙ্গের কলকাকলী
মাঝি উথাল পাতাল ঢেউ
সাবধানে চালাইও মাঝি
সাথি নাইকো কেও।।
ঈশান কোণে মেঘ উইঠ্যাছে
মাঝি হারাইও না ধ্যানতীর
ঝোঁকে ঝোঁকে বাইয়া চল
পরান রাইখ্যা থির।।
আগা পাছা ঠিক রাখিয়া
মাঝি সাবধানেতে চল
মাঝ দরিয়ায় উঠলে তুফান
মাঝি বদর বদর বল।।

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