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Baat Niklegi To Phir

Baat Niklegi To Phir…Door Talak Jayegi
(কথা বললে লোকমুখে দুরদুরান্তে ছড়াবেই)

Log Bewajah, Udasi Ka Sabab Poochenge
(লোকে অযথা জানতে চাইবে কেন তুমি উদাস ‌)

Yeh Bhi Poochenge, Ki Tum Itni Pareshan Kyun Ho
(জানতে চাইবে কিসে তোমার এত কষ্ট)

Ungliyan Uthengi, Sookhe Baalon Ki Taraf
(আঙুল তুলে বলবে কেন চুল শুষ্ক এলোমেলো )

Ek Nazar Dekhenge, Guzreh Huye Saalon Ki Taraf
(কেন বছর বছর কেন আমি এমন)

Chudiyon Pe Bhi, Kayi Tanz Kiye Jayenge
(এমন কি হাতের চুড়ি জোড়া, সেটাও তাদের আগ্রহের বিষয় হবে)

Kaapten Haathon Pe Bhi, Fikre Kase Jayenge
(হাত কাঁপতে খাকলে সেখানে তারা একটা অর্খ খুজে পাবে)

Log Zaalim Hai, Harek Baat Ka Taana Denge
(এই মানুষজন অমানুষ ‌, তুমি যাই বলো তারা তার পিছনে লাগবে)

Baaton Baaton Mein, Mera Zikr Bhi Le Aayenge (2)
(আড্ডায় আলোচনায় তোমাক নিয়ে মজা করবে)

Unki Baaton Ka Zara Sa Bhi Asar Mat Lena…
(এসব কখাবার্তা হয় আর পাত্তা দিও না)

Warna Chehre Ke Tasur Se Samajh Jayenge
(অথবা মুখ দেখে যা বোঝার বুঝে নিক)

Chahe Kuch Bhi Ho, Sawaalat Na Karna Unse (2)
(এরা যা করার করুক এদের সঙ্গে বিবাদ করো না)

Mere Baare Mein Koi Baat Na Karna Unse
(আমার এ কথা এদের বলো না)

Baat Niklegi To Phir…Door Talak Jayegi
(কথা বললে সেটা লোকমুখে দুরদুরান্তে ছড়াবেই)

Baat Niklegi To Phir, by Jagjit Singh.

Lyrics: Kafeel Azar
Singer: Jagjit Singh

Baat Niklegi To Phir

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Don’t mention it’s Vista!

Did you hear about “new” operating system from microsoft named “Mojave”?

Microsoft last week traveled to San Francisco, rounding up Windows XP users who had negative impressions of Vista. The subjects were put on video, asked about their Vista impressions, and then shown a “new” operating system, code-named Mojave. More than 90 percent gave positive feedback on what they saw. Then they were told that “Mojave” was actually Windows Vista. (CNET)

Lately, probably a ‘cool’ suggestion would be ‘why not test drive a hackintosh‘… to forget, at least, vista experience!!

Bangladesh, 1971-2071: born in blood, died in water

…The catastrophe in Bangladesh has begun,” he said. “The warnings [by the IPCC] are unfolding much faster than anyone anticipated.” Until a few years ago, Rezwan was an architect, designing buildings for rich people – “but I thought, is this what I want to do while my country drowns? Create buildings that will be under water soon anyway?”

…”You can see what has started to happen,” she says. The vision of the country drowning is becoming more real every day. Where could all these 150 million people go? India is already building a border fence to keep them out; I can’t imagine the country’s other neighbour – Burma – will offer much refuge. “We are the first to be affected, not the last,” Anam says. “Everyone should take a good look at Bangladesh. This story will become your story. We are your future.”

Well, do you get the fact ? Bangladesh is set to disappear under the waves by the end of the century.

Bangladesh, the most crowded nation on earth, is set to disappear under the waves by the end of this century – and we will be to blame. Johann Hari took a journey to see for himself how western profligacy and indifference have sealed the fate of 150 million peoplewent to see for himself the spreading misery and destruction as the ocean reclaims the land on which so many millions depend – A special report by Johann Hari


Cow Economics

… New version:

You have two cows.
You sell one and buy a bull.
Your herd multiplies and the economy grows.
You retire on the income.

You have two cows.
You sell one and force the other to produce the milk of four cows.
You profess surprise when the cow drops dead. You put the blame on some
nation with cows and naturally that nation will be a danger to mankind.
You wage a war to save the world and grab the cows.

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