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Bangladesh, 1971-2071: born in blood, died in water

…The catastrophe in Bangladesh has begun,” he said. “The warnings [by the IPCC] are unfolding much faster than anyone anticipated.” Until a few years ago, Rezwan was an architect, designing buildings for rich people – “but I thought, is this what I want to do while my country drowns? Create buildings that will be under water soon anyway?”

…”You can see what has started to happen,” she says. The vision of the country drowning is becoming more real every day. Where could all these 150 million people go? India is already building a border fence to keep them out; I can’t imagine the country’s other neighbour – Burma – will offer much refuge. “We are the first to be affected, not the last,” Anam says. “Everyone should take a good look at Bangladesh. This story will become your story. We are your future.”

Well, do you get the fact ? Bangladesh is set to disappear under the waves by the end of the century.

Bangladesh, the most crowded nation on earth, is set to disappear under the waves by the end of this century – and we will be to blame. Johann Hari took a journey to see for himself how western profligacy and indifference have sealed the fate of 150 million peoplewent to see for himself the spreading misery and destruction as the ocean reclaims the land on which so many millions depend – A special report by Johann Hari

Bangla Desh by George Harrison

George Harrison

Song: Bangla Desh
Album: The Concert For Bangla Desh
Duration: 3.04
Track No.: 2-9
Composer: George Harrison
Vocals: George Harrison
Year: 1971


My friend came to me, with sadness in his eyes
He told me that he wanted help
Before his country dies

Although I couldn’t feel the pain, I knew I had to try
Now I’m asking all of you
To help us save some lives

Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh
Where so many people are dying fast
And it sure looks like a mess
I’ve never seen such distress
Now won’t you lend your hand and understand
Relieve the people of Bangla Desh

Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh
Such a great disaster – I don’t understand
But it sure looks like a mess
I’ve never known such distress
Now please don’t turn away, I want to hear you say
Relieve the people of Bangla Desh
Relieve Bangla Desh

Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh
Now it may seem so far from where we all are
It’s something we can’t neglect
It’s something I can’t neglect
Now won’t you give some bread to get the starving fed
We’ve got to relieve Bangla Desh
Relieve the people of Bangla Desh
We’ve got to relieve Bangla Desh
Relieve the people of Bangla Desh


BREAKING NEWS – Curfew All over Bangladesh – 8.00 PM to unknown

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 6:00 pm

Government of Bangladesh announce Curfew all over Bangladesh – Start at 8.00 and continue until next announcement! An unprecedented student rioting on the Dhaka University campus and surrounding areas Tuesday, bring this unwanted critical moments.

All mobile network and ISP (Internet Service Provider) of Bangladesh may goes off line during the Curfew. All university already closed or going to close there student halls till unknown period.

I’m also anxious to got confirmed that this morning/yesterday all universities populated with both Guns or other Arms…

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 6:35 pm

The Curfew is adopted NOT all over the Bangladesh but 6 Divisional Towns of Bangladesh.