Month: May 2016

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About Banglasavvy – The Virtual Bangla Font Installer

Here’s the post I had about Banglasavvy: The virtual Bangla font installer.

Anti-virus software used to give a security warning, because it was also a Bangla Input Manager (the tiniest Bangla writing software it was, including registering a Bangla font system wide). I thought of announcing that, but since I decided to take a break from the community, I had skipped all of it.

Instead of correcting the anti-virus alert, I took down the app years ago. 😉

Originally I wrote the app because I wasn’t able to browse Bangla sites (and forums that I was contributing back in those days) from Cybercafe (in-case of no-internet at home) and many people had difficulty installing fonts at their office computer (and at cybercafes).

Initially it only had the font, later I added the input-manager to be able to submit Bangla posts from any computers. 🙂


Laravel Release Valet- Minimalist Development Environments

“Valet is a Laravel development environment for Mac minimalists. No Vagrant, No Apache, No Nginx, No /etc/hosts file. You can even share your sites publicly using local tunnels. Yeah, we like it too.

Laravel Valet configures your Mac to always run PHP’s built-in web server in the background when your machine starts. Then, using DnsMasq, Valet proxies all requests on the *.dev domain to point to sites installed on your local machine.”

For Laravel:

For WordPress:

^^^ Reminds me the days of making “Portable Bangla Font aka. Banglasavvy (the virtual font installer)” and “Portable App” back in the ~2006. A little trick to get advantage of systems by using underneath APIs provided by the OS.

For valet, it’s the web server included w/ PHP and listening to DnsMasq. For me, installing the font virtually was just using one Windows 32-API.

Interestingly, when I talked about it few people laughs on it- then when I made that possible those people duplicated the method to port more stuffs- and there were a huge impact of using the Bangla apps around the community. Did I receive any “thanks” for that?

Who cares, no, really. It doesn’t matter- 😉