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Nikolay Bachiyski told us at Oct 17, 2007:

I updated translation with the po/mo files from your trunk. Especially in the admin panel the change is obvious 🙂

Check out Meghdut Collaborative Translation Project of WordPress and don’t forget to give your hand on the localization 😀


  1. I am glad that open source exists. I am glad that there are so many great minds like those of Meghdut team – contributing their time and effort towards the development of the Bangla scene on the web : )

  2. Sifte


    Thanks for the meghdut project for wordpress localization (Bangla). I was wondering, are you going to update your project due to the changes that occured lately?

    wordpress released their latest version (2.5) this week and according to Poedit software, total number of strings now is 2090, which is significant, compared to the previous one (1000).

    also most of the previous translated strings are marked as fuzzy and its showing 24% completion.

    If you are running a project right now, then thats great, otherwise I could lend a helping hand if you need so.

    Regards and good luck


  3. I appreciate your comments about meghdut. Thanks so much.

    We have some nice plan for meghdut, few hands working on too. Do you have time to spent with ?

    Please let me know.

  4. When i published any post in bangla language, in show as ????????????. My website is . please help me to make it in bangla

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