WordPress 2.2.3 – Another Security Fixes, Make Your Move Fast

Auttomatic Team releases WordPress 2.2.3 is a security and bug-fix release for the 2.2 series. Since the release comes with security fixes you shouldn’t be lazy to upgrade. Two of the fixes are high priority as bellows:

  1. Invalid RSS2 Comments Feed [Administration, high priority]
  2. Users without unfiltered_html capability can post arbitrary html [Security, high priority]

There are few others normal bugs closed with this wordpress 2.2.3 release.

I just upgrade my blog to WordPress 2.2.3. And waiting for the WordPress 2.3 final release. Few hours ago Auttomatic released the WordPress 2.3 Beta 3, the announcement:

Beta 3, the third and final beta for WordPress 2.3, is now available. Many bugs have been fixed since the second beta, and we could use your help finding and fixing more bugs in preparation for the first Release Candidate due next Monday. The standard disclaimer for betas applies. Beta 3 is pre-release software that is still being tested.