Gmail-lite : Must have script for rest of us

gmail-lite is an HTML-only interface of Gmail. It makes use of libgmailer and removes all those Ajax fancy stuffs to provide a clean, neat interface to users. It originally targets browsers on PDA (such as Netfront), but its simplicity should allow it to work on any browser on Earth, from lynx to IE3 to firefox.

Last two days I’m using GP internet (Grameen Phone) and I’m anxious that I’m not able to login Gmail nor any services! If I have authority sure I’ll punish ’em well!

In the meatime gmail-lite is the only option to keep in touch as I’m hardly using Gmail for my all emails. I install it to and it’s working fine!

If you ever can’t login to Gmail either for your low bandwidth speed or any reason such as GP (god bless them), you should have your own copy of gmail-lite or you may use this one.