The-Savvy Has Got A New Look has got the new look! I’ve just made the Savvy WordPress Template and didn’t able to control myself to launch, I’m not yet implemented all my ideas though! There will be more visual changes, included some AJAX effects and few more functionality when I’ll finish the template.

Recently I had used to spent times with and liked there h3 template they are using ATM, It’s really a great wordpress template! I liked specially there concept to not use any blog summary other than post details page, they create topic list in archives…there are lots other sites do the same.

Savvy WordPress Template goes live for Banglasavvy

I took few concept from, this new look of this site inspired by

Although It’s not my first wordpress template but this is first time I’m using my own wordpress template for my own wordpress blog site. If you guys have any suggestion, saw any bugs please comments here and let me know.


  1. Opppsss….. “AJAX effects” :S

    It should B “JS effects”

  2. lol…I meant: AJAX, effects…

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