What would you rather be: a Ninja, Pirate or Gladiator?


This is the ultimate question. Though the funding of the Cultural Learnings Association of Production or commonly known as The CLAP we have set out to solve the ultimate question.

One common misconception is that Ninjas, Pirates, and Gladiators are relatively new to human history. The truth is they have always existed and we will soon reveal their history within this website.

Despite all the research that has taken place we still are lacking important census information on what the populous would rather be. With comprehensive data we can finally solve the last part of the equation and quite possibly reap the unknown glorious benefits. So please place your vote but before doing so make sure you know all there is about Ninjas, Pirates, and Gladiators.

URL to vote: Ninja Pirate or Gladiator

The back door news is, this poll created to tech an MBA professor a lesson!

help a fellow student at SUNY Albany. An MBA course professor doesn’t believe an internet questionnaire with just three questions can get even 500 responses without giving something away. Let’s prove him wrong. Thanks!

UPDATE: Sure we proved him! When I answered (hour ago) total answer was around 7152, and after this post there is total 11552 answer! Growing very fast 🙂