Dot Dot Dot – A Dot For Every Second In The Day

“How old are you ?” – A silly questions.

“How much seconds you had in your life?” – Crazy!

Think every seconds as a ‘Dot’, and what about a clock ? ‘Dot Clock’ ? You can use Lots of dots to get a feel for time.

And at one dot per second, here is what a day looks like…


And here is the Dot Clock

Now count Day as a ‘Dot’ and….guys, take control yourself!!

Here’s A dot for each day.

Before you go, here is some Ideas you can think of…

How many year-dots old are you?
How many people-dots are in your building?
How many seconds-dots since you last ate?
If you live for 50 more years, how many day-dots is that?

You can color and group the dots…
If each dot is a day of your life, you can circle your first year of school, etc…
If each dot is n dollars, show how some budget is spent..
The age distribution of some population…

Graph paper is another way to play these games…