Google Apps to end Microsoft Office supremacy?

Google recently expand them self and earn lots of user as for example me! I used to with Yahoo, specially I loved Yahoo Notepad, frequently I take note while I surfing the web. Gmail attracted me when I have to check a lot of email address, gmail was the best solution where I can both receive and sent emails using 20+ email address, well, I’ve a lot email address to maintain for multiple sites and services!

I used yahoo and gmail both just because google had no ‘notepad’. Just when I’m getting used to with ThinkFree google release notepad add-ons and then Google Docs, I leave yahoo completely, time to time I checked to keep my old address only!

Recently for one project I’ve to make specification to sent one of my client, I was stacked with, I ask hand to my co-worker and both made the specification with Google Doc, after finish that we share the doc with the client! This was really amazing! All we can edit when needs, reviews the changes, and all from different location without attach and sent the Doc via emails…

Another notable point from my view is, one of my friend used to upload his daily shop dealings (excel sheets) to online so that he can review that later anytime, anywhere. He upped once a week after zipped these excel sheets, I learned him to use Googe Spreadsheets, now he logged into his google account, import his excel sheets and checked them online with ease. Interesting, huh?

There are lot who uses Google Docs & Spreadsheets as well other services for both personal and commercial purposes. I was wondering about Microsoft Office, their new version has lots of excellent features, but Google let us feel comfort with Google Apps with most common features we need. Today I came into a interesting article about Google Apps and Microsoft Office, I quoted bellow, recommend you to read 😀

Google Apps to end Microsoft Office supremacy?

The new version of Google Apps a is the latest threat to the domination of Microsoft’s massive cash cow, Office. In a step that’s been expected for some time now, Google Apps combines the a range of tools that deliver most of what you’ll get with Microsoft Office through a web based interface that you can access from anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

Google Apps offers it all, including Email with 2Gb storage per account, Docs & Spreadsheets that give you compatibility with Word and Excel, letting you create, share and collaborate on documents in real time, and a Google Calendar so you can stay organized, co-ordinate meetings and have sharable calendar.

It also includes Google Talk, giving you free instant messaging and voice calling and you can access it through your own ‘Start Page’ that gives you access to your inbox, calendar, Office type apps, group info a search box and other customizable elements.

For consumers, the suite is available free of charge as is currently the case, with a 2Gb limit, but the premium version, which offers 10Gb, giving users wanting more storage or for corporations wanting to replace their Microsoft Office suites the cost is US $50 per year – much less than the hundreds of dollars cost for each copy of Microsoft Office.

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