Bangaliana Updates – New Software Coming Very Soon…

Bangaliana websites updates – The official websites of bangaliana for evryday Bangla softwares are just updated with more contents and eye-cathing design! The website redesigned completely and extended just to give something more, and proudly powered by Joomla! There are lots to happen…exciting new sofware and services will be available to rich your everyday life!

New Software Coming This Week…
There are some new software wating for release. Interactive Bangaliana Dictionary – the bangla software currently available to free download and purchase at
In upcoming days I will add some bangla software to the list, I noted Bellow:

Lipika – Bangla Email
A Email sender program lets user to sent Bangla/English content/email as picture thus there will be no ‘Font problem’ to read the ‘Bangla Email’.

Bornik – Bangla Word
A word processor specially made for Bangla Input, everyday document processing. ‘Bornik’ support Bijoy and Proshika Fonts and some popular keyboard layout to fill your needs and enjoy Bangla typing.


  1. abdul samad

    interactive bangaliana dictionary
    how i can get license key please send details and your email address

  2. Uttam Neogi

    Dear Sir,
    I am a bengali and living in West Bengal, India. I have required bengali to english dictionary and bengali to english translator. kindly let me know how I get it and also how many price in indian currency at the earliest.

  3. Now we know who the snesbile one is here. Great post!

  4. Dear Sir,
    I want to purchase licence key for Interactive Bangla to English Dictionary. Kindly let me know how I can get it also your email address and website.

  5. Abdur rahman

    bangla to bangla dictionary need.

  6. Md. Habibuddin

    Dear Sir,
    I intend to purchase the Interactive Bangaliana Dictionary.
    What is the price ?
    If the price is reasonable to me, I will pay by bank draft.

  7. Alemulrazi

    How can i send bangla email from my phone. Please give me a link how can i download the software .My phone model is nokia6600

  8. Md. Habibuddin

    I intend to purchase the interactive bangaliana dictionary
    and to make payment by bank draft. Please advice me to my email

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