Bangaliana now Proud Member of BCS

Around late 1987, a renowned business professional of our country, first floated the idea of forming of forming an association of the Computer Industry which could serve as a common base for this industry to express its views to the Government. The idea was that by forming a group or an association the interest of the group would be served better.

He was joined by other like minded forward looking persons and the first association took it shape with the formation of ad-hoc committee comprised of 11 companies. Mr.S M Kamal, who was the first to have the idea of the association, was selected as the Founder President, Mr.Aftab Ul Islam as the Vice President. These sponsor members played a pivotal role in bringing IT into national importance it enjoys today.

Around 1991, a draft Memorandum and Article of Association was prepared. It was then translated to Bangla and approved to comply with the existing rules and regulations of the Government. Bangladesh Computer Samity is the only licensed and registered body representing all the hardware and softwares vendors of our country. It is also the only Authorized Information Technology Association in Bangladesh.

And now-a-days Bangladesh Computer Samity is the voice of ICT industry of Bangladesh. It is the national association of the ICT companies in Bangladesh.
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I’m proud to announce that Bangaliana now happy member of BCS! Cheers…

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